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Medication Mistakes Attorney Lawyer

St. Louis Missouri Medication Mistakes Attorney Lawyer

Medication Mistakes | Drug Interaction | Drug Overdose | Allergic Reaction

Medication Mistake

When a patient goes to their doctor, he/she expects medication prescribed will be the right medication for them. Unfortunately, that does not always happen. Doctor medication mistakes can lead to catastrophic injuries and even wrongful death.

There are many reasons for doctor medication errors and prescription mistakes. As Doctor’s reimbursement rates go down, the volume of patients they see in a day continues to increase. With the added volume of patients, Doctors often spend less time with patients and less time with each individual task associated with the patient’s care. The pressure to move faster can lead to Doctor Medication mistakes. Such medication errors include prescription errors, communication errors, and incomplete history errors.

When doctors and nurse practitioners fail to take the time with you, they place your health and safety on the line. When they do not spend the time carefully going over your chart and instructions to prescriptions, they threaten your health and life.

If you have been seriously injured due to a medication error, such as receiving the wrong drug or the wrong dose, and the error was made by a doctor medication mistake, it is in your best interest to speak with a prescription error attorney. In some cases you may be entitled to monetary compensation for your serious injuries.

in order to obtain money for you, we must determine what happened and how it occurred. Most cases involving medication errors come down to proving negligence. Negligence occurs when a doctor fails to follow a certain standard of care in prescribing medications, and because of that failure, you suffered serious injuries.

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In order to protect evidence, and preserve your personal injury lawsuit, it is critical to begin investigating your case immediately. Evidence and witnesses can disappear. It is important to document the important information in your Medication Mistake case soon after the incident. You should not delay in contacting one of our attorneys at 314.729.0803. We will begin investigating your case immediately.

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