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Insurance Claim Denial Attorney Lawyer

St. Louis Missouri Life Insurance Denial Attorney Lawyer

Life Insurance Denial | Wrongful Insurance Denial | Bad Faith Insurance Denial  

Negligent, bad faith or fraudulent practices with respect to insurance policies, insurance coverage or insurance claims take many forms. Our St. Louis Missouri attorneys handle numerous claims against insurance companies for failing to pay or underpaying in accordance with the provisions of their policies, and in claims against insurance brokers for making errors or omissions that damage policy holders’ abilities to collect under their existing policies. We represent beneficiaries under life insurance policies whom insurance companies have failed to pay based on the companies’ claim that the decedent misrepresented some fact on the insurance application.

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If your insurance claims are being denied, our attorneys can help you take legal action against your insurance company. When we commit to a case, we closely examine and question the insurance company’s actions, and dispute the wrongful denial of claims. As soon as we find proof that the insurance company acted in bad faith, we zealously litigate the case in and out of court, and aggressively negotiate for a settlement that exceeds our clients’ expectations. Most importantly, our attorneys work hard to protect their clients’ rights, and ensure that they are not cheated out of their benefits by greedy insurance companies.

In order to properly evaluate and litigate an insurance matter, legal counsel needs to have a working knowledge of insurance principles, practices, and terminology, in addition to insurance law. They have to be able to read and understand every clause of an insurance policy. And it is critical that they be highly skilled in analyzing and understanding the Insurance application, which is often at issue in insurance litigation.

Policies and applications are often written so that the fine print is barely decipherable, and so the language can be interpreted to benefit the insurance company, rather than the policyholder. Insurance Law often permits interpretations of these clauses that run contrary to common sense. Insurance Law often makes the insured and his or her family responsible for the misstatements by the broker who sold the insurance policy.

How Can Life Insurance Companies Deny Payment?

Many people are left, stunned, shocked, and confused when their insurance company denies…read more

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In order to protect evidence, and preserve your lawsuit, it is critical to begin investigating your Insurance Claim Denial case immediately. Evidence and witnesses can disappear. It is important to document the important information in your case soon after the incident. You should not delay in contacting one of our attorneys at 314.729.0803. We will begin investigating your case immediately.

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