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Motorcycle Accident Attorney Lawyer

St. Louis Missouri Motorcycle Accident Attorney Lawyer

Motorcycle Accident | Auto Accident | Motorcycle Injury | Personal Injury

Motorcycle Accident

Reckless or drunk driving and lack of driver attention are a danger to everyone using the highways and other roads in Missouri. Unfortunately, these negligent behaviors can become particularly hazardous when you ride a motorcycle. Head-on crashes, blind spot collisions and other motorcycle accidents injure or kill hundreds of bikers every year. The Missouri motorcycle accident Law Firm of Stephen J. Hoffmann stands ready to help you with sound legal advice when you or a family member have been injured, or killed by the careless actions of another driver.

Missouri motorcycle accident attorney, Stephen J. Hoffmann understands that motorcyclists involved in an accident face an uphill battle. Even when liability is clear, police and witnesses are often biased against them. Further, motorcyclists are more likely to sustain significant injuries as a result of an accident.

Because of the size differences between the vehicles, motorcycle accidents can result in serious head injuries. Victims are often faced with years of medical expenses, rehabilitation and lost income. Our experienced motorcycle accident attorneys have helped many individuals and families recover financial compensation to address these long-term needs.

If you were injured, or a loved one has died as a result of another driver’s negligence, it is time to contact a Missouri motorcycle accident lawyer. Stephen J. Hoffmann can help. His team has handled hundreds of serious injury cases. Stephen works aggressively to help clients secure Missouri motorcycle accident compensation for injuries or loss of a loved one.

In motorcycle accident, insurance companies typicall fault the rider. They also often tend to minimize the extent of injury and fail to account for long-term financial considerations when paying claims. We consult with accident reconstruction experts, medical specialists, life care planners and other professionals. Our skilled attorneys examine medical data on serious personal injury cases to help determine the true impact on the lives of victims and their families.

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In order to protect evidence, and preserve your personal injury lawsuit, it is critical to begin investigating your case immediately. Evidence and witnesses can disappear. It is important to document the important information in your Motorcycle Accident case soon after the incident. You should not delay in contacting one of our attorneys at 314.729.0803. We will begin investigating your case immediately.

For information about your personal injury case, and getting money you deserve, Contact Us at The Law Offices of Stephen J. Hoffmann.