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Trucking Regulation Attorney Lawyer

St. Louis Missouri Trucking Regulation Attorney Lawyer

Trucking Regulations | Truck Regulations | Personal Injury

Auto Accidents Caused by Trucking Violations

If a commercial vehicle hauling any type of freight injured you, you deserve monetary damages. These vehicles must comply with federal and state trucking regulations. When a truck driver decides not to abide by state and federal laws, your life is in danger. These laws help protect unsuspecting motorists from out of control trucks and companies who put profit ahead of safety. These 80,000 pound rigs can kill you and your family. Both the federal and state governments have been put in charge of regulating interstate trucking, issuing carrier commerce numbers, issuing commercial drivers licenses, and enforcing trucking regulations.

These laws were enacted to protect motorists from negligent trucking drivers and companies that operate on a national scale. These uniform laws also provide a safety net to prevent drivers from committing trucking violations.

If you have been hurt by a trucking company or truck driver who broke the law, contact us at The Law Offices of Stephen J. Hoffmann for a free consultation. Some common types of federal regulations of trucks include:

  • Hours of service log books
  • Amounts of sleep time in relation to driving time and on duty time
  • Truck sizes, definition of oversized loads, and route designations
  • Adverse driving conditions
  • Amounts and types of insurance drivers must carry
  • Training and driver licensing requirements
  • Inspections, permit violations, maintenance, and repair issues
  • Limitations on when drivers can operate trucks while their judgment is impaired
  • Training issues which companies are required to follow

Only with a thorough understanding of federal trucking regulations such as the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards (FMVSS) will your attorney be able to press the responsible parties for a full and fair settlement of your injury claim after a trucking accident.

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In order to protect evidence, and preserve your personal injury lawsuit, it is critical to begin investigating your case immediately. Evidence and witnesses can disappear. It is important to document the important information in your Trucking Regulation case soon after the incident. You should not delay in contacting one of our attorneys at 314.729.0803. We will begin investigating your case immediately.

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